Seastema Collaboration

this january navium renews the collaboration with seastema

After the pilot project of Delphi LDCD, Navium continues the collaboration with Seastema S.p.A. - Fincantieri Group - to make the Delphi Stability and Hydrostataic Engine compliant with RINA and IACS rules.

Navium will provide technical assistence during the certification process and will provide the design tools (Navium Faber) to define ship model for the Delphi Stability and Hydrostataic Engine.

new collabration with re2you

Navium is currently collaborating with Re2you to create a new OS agnostic system based on user data encryption.

Re2you’s Software Integrates the Connected Space/Mobility in the Ecosystem of Digital Devices
Re2you enables car manufacturers (OEMs) to put the car at the center of the user’s digital device ecosystem in full compatibility with safety requirements, whilst maintaining control over their data and their independence from operating systems and hardware manufacturers. Future mobility is not just the car, but any connected device in our universe where we seek safety and service. This is the standard for the connected space while "not home." It's your space- your universe- OS agnostic.

risk-based framework to control safety level of flooded passenger ships

navium with the university of trieste publishes this paper on brodogradnja

This is the first publication related to Delphi project. It contains our innovative approach to control safety during navigation, going beyond rules requirements. The approach has been developped in collaboration with the Univeristy of Trieste (Department of Engineering and Architecture). The complete paper will be published on Brodogradnja in the first volume of 2017, but it is already online on Brodogradnja's website. Navium want to give a special thank to prof. Giorgio Trincas for his support and for his fundamental contribute in writing this paper.

news from SMM

navium comes back from SMM with great news.

We have been at SMM in Hambourg with our partners Seastema S.p.A. and MarineLab d.o.o. to present our Delphi Loading Computer. We met managers and technicians from the most important cruise companies (Carnival Corporation and Royal Carabbean) to present our innovative product and discuss the roadmap to install Delphi products on their fleets. A special thank to Fincantieri S.p.A. which hosted us magnificently in their stand at SMM and to our partners for all their hard work.

SMM Hambourg

navium will be in Hambourg at SMM.

We will be in Hambourg at SMM to show our loading computer program and its tools. A special thank to our partners: to Seastema S.p.A. for this great opportunity and to MarineLAB Research and Innovation for the commercial support. Our staff will be avaliable at Fincantieri S.p.A. stand to anwer to any question.

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